Saturday, January 14, 2012

If You Are Here...............

I am closing this blog. Just too many blogs to keep up with, so I'm trying to condense them down to only about three. Also, I want to make them in a way you can find things more easily and know which blog you'd like to go to.

I will have one for my everyday stuff which can consist of my project 365, scrapbooking, and whatever strikes my fancy. This blog can be found here: Barb's Bite Sized Notes

My Photo-A-Day consist of things in my county in PA. Check that out here:
Photo-A-Day-Centre County PA

You will also see my blog where it will only consist of recipes that I like. It can be found here: Serving Up Cinnamon Toast (This is in progress and you may not see it actually listed for another few weeks.)

Please feel free to visit any of these blogs and comments are always welcome. And, if you are a follower of mine please feel free to follow one or more of my other blogs. Would love to have you visit.

I will leave this up for a month or so and then take it down altogether. You can either bookmark my other blogs or follow me. Thanks for stopping by.