Friday, July 24, 2009

Rock Painting - Week 1

I was going to post a scrapbook page but by the looks of it I may not get to do any today so I am posting these pet rocks. I will post a different craft next week.

My son and grandson made these pet rocks. I think they came in a kit but how easy it would be to just buy the stuff and make several of these yourself.

Thought I'd show the underside of these, along with them side by side for more detail. All you really need is some paint, brushes, stuff for hair, eyes which you can get in a large pack, glue, and some felt for the wings, feet, and nose. The rocks you can either find outside or buy a pack of those smooth ones at the craft store. Great project to do with the kids.

Add your name and link to Mcklinky. Let's visit each other to see how crafty we all are and maybe we will get some ideas too.

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