Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 23-New Banners for Your Blog

This is my craft post for the week. I made these new banners for your blogs if you'd like to use one instead of the one I already have.
Just curious...Which one do you like better? A, B, C, D, or E
Click on your answer on the poll above this post. Thanks.

A. With Scrapbook Supplies
craft it wednesday scrapbook
B. Birdhouse
Craft it Wednesday Birdhouse
C. Black Eyed Susans
D. Black Eyed Susans poster style
E. Banner I was using

If there's anything about these banners you'd change, please leave me a comment as to what it is and why.

If you posted something crafty on your blog this week, add your blog link here to Mcklinky. It's a easy way for everyone to click on each other's blogs.

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