Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scrapbooking - Week 2

Today is only week two on this new meme, so hope you can join us. Just post a photo of anything you craft on your blog and come back here to add your blog site address to Mcklinky below. Don't do any crafts you say? Well, take a photo of someone else's craft and let us see it. Ask them for permission of course.

I don't have many rules but view them on the top of the page.

I will be adding a blog roll on my sidebar. So, if you are going to be a regular craft it wednesday poster, I will add you to the sidebar. This means posting at least twice a month to stay on it. I may also figure out some challenges or prize giveaways. See my two polls on my sidebar.

To view larger, double click on photo.

Today I decided to post a layout I did this past week scrapbooking. The birthday boy. He had his birthday party at a pizza place and the waitress put the cake in front of the wrong child. We got it straightened out though.

If you're here to see my other meme's or photo a day, you will find them on my other blogs either at Barb's family/everything blog or My photo-a-day blog.

Add your name and blog address to Mcklinky...


  1. I'm late.....sorry, was a baddddddddd day yesterday.

    Love your scrapbook stuff. I wish I could do that. All I end up making is a big mess lol,

  2. Hi. I decided to join you guys. I'm new at blogging and I'm not sure I did Mr. Linky right - I put the link to my LO but titled it my LO vs MY Blog title... I just found you so sorry this is late.

    Landon's Bday LO is great. Looks like a fun party. I love the energy in the LO.



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